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wireless coin in system
Wireless TransmitterWireless TransmitterWireless Receiver

Wireless coin-in system

$120.00 $80.00 Wireless coin-in system
Fast, accurate, securely encrypted wireless system for any gaming machine. Easy installation and only 3 wires. stands behind this product 100%

Product Description

  1. Works with any gaming machine
  2. one button numbering system
  3. 3 wire setup
  4. 50ns coin-in pulse for quick transfer
  5. “Coin” prevention
  6. Error prevention
  7. Secure transfer
  8. Cellphone blocker
  9. Power failure tamper protection
  10. $10 and $100 Credit per coin-in
  11. Good quality, Stable program.
  12. Fully upgradeable
  13. 100 % assembled in Jamaica.
  14. Small form factor
  15. Low power use 5 volts
  16. Heavy Duty PCB board fo durability.

What you get:

  • New Wireless Coin-in System.
  • Transmitter with 7 segment LED.
  • 2 Receiver with easy 3 wire setup.


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