Queen Bee


This Queen Bee game board by Subsino has CGA graphics with 3 spinning reels and 8 play lines.

Specific game features include a new skill mode via Dip Switch, 2 graphic choices, and player approved bonuses.

Product Description

What’s Included

  • Queen Bee game board.
  • 2 graphic choices: Fruits or insects.
  • New skill mode via dip switch.
  • Direct drive ticket dispenser.
  • Game manual.


  • Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness.
  • CGA graphics.
  • 3 spinning reels.
  • 8 lines.
  • Multiple hold feature.
  • Player approved bonuses.
  • Insect Themed Graphics
  • Symbol Style Can Be Set to Insect or Fruit
  • 2 Bonus Games
    • Diamond Bonus Roulette Game
    • Treasure Box Fever Mystery Game
  • Lucky Fever Feature
  • Double Up Game – High-Low Card Game
  • Hold Pair
  • Score Box Feature
  • Game Count Feature
  • On Screen Set Up
  • Connects to Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness


  • TX and GA versions available.
  • Add a plexi.


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