Quarter Horse linux machine
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Quarter Horse Linux Gaming Machine

$3,100.00 $2,999.00

Quarter Horse Linux board game machine is the most successfully horse video racing game. Double, Triple Odds. Fast Stop. New HARD DRIVERdisc original “Los Alamitos” 10 horses races.
License by Rodesch.

Product Description

  1. Quarter Horse Linux / casino pcb interface is a VGA, hard disk game .
  2.  Works with 1 game screen.
  3.  5 button functionality.
  4. Double and Triple game .
  5. Wins available rate: 80% ~ 150%
  6. Internal accounts record.
  7. Quick accounts switch.
  8. Good quality, Stable program.
  9.  Best Seller, Good price.
  10.  100 % assembled in Jamaica.
  11. 19″ Dell monitor.
  12. Rom interface card
  13. High speed Hard Disk Drive
  14. Heavy Duty 700 watt Power Supply.
  15. Wooden Cabinet.



New anti freeze n counter
New Wireless Coin-in System


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