Poker Anti cheat 3.0+
Poker Anti-cheat 3.0+20151106_12534720151106_12533420151106_12523420151106_125438SMS POKER PCB

Poker Anti-cheat


Poker Anti-cheat 3.0+ I the newest product on the market. It fixes all the problem with you Hi-Lo Joker Poker pcb. From the simple coin problem to anti theft. controls both monitor and pcb board. Totally upgradeable for easy fixes.

Product Description

  1. Hi-Lo Double-Up Joker Poker board game fix
  2. Error prevention
  3. Shock proof fix
  4. Cellphone blocker
  5. Power failure tamper protection
  6. “Coin” prevention
  7. $10 Credit per coin-in
  8. Good quality, Stable program.
  9. Fully upgradeable
  10. 100 % assembled in Jamaica.
  11. Small form factor
  12. Upto 600v monitor power control.
  13. Heavy Duty PCB board for durability.


New Wireless Coin-in System


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